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Customized Workouts on Your Own

The Empowerment Program helps you take your health into your own hands. By learning about your goals, experience level, injury status and equipment available to you, I can put together a customized workout program for you to do on your own! This program is for motivated, self-starters. Taking into consideration that some people may not have consistent schedules for regular personal training, I wanted to offer a customized program that you can do anywhere you want, anytime. This plan can be customized to be done at home, in the gym, outside, wherever you normally exercise!

Each week you will receive two hours worth of workouts in the time breakdown that you choose! After doing the workouts on your own, you’ll give me feedback by answering a few questions in the app and I will adjust your program accordingly. Each program is 12 weeks in length and if you want to continue after those 12 weeks, you can renew! I am here to empower you to move on your own and help get you the results you want on your time. 

Have questions or need more information? Email me at!

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