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A Little About Me: Chloe Jones, CSCS

My goal is to improve the health of others by helping them cultivate a positive relationship with movement, food & their bodies. I'm a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I believe in making health & wellness convenient and balanced to help my clients make small sustainable changes that have a big impact.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and went to college at Loyola Marymount University. I graduated with a B.S. in Health & Human Sciences. Soon after graduating, I began working in a doctor's office while applying to medical school but soon realized that the patients' problems began long before they had ever even stepped into that doctor's office. That is why I am committed to helping others find a way to live healthily and consistently move. 

We will work together to incorporate a wellness routine conveniently and seamlessly into your lifestyle. I am here to help you identify your wellness goals and get you to them in a way that is safe, sustainable, convenient, and fun along the way.


In Moderation Meals

Customized Meal Service

In Moderation is a delivery meal service in which nutrition and pleasure coexist. Every meal is curated with the foundations of a balanced diet and the promise of a happy palette.

We aim to harness the principles of
nutrition and the passion for flavor
to deliver weekly ready-to-eat
meals that taste as good as they
make you feel.

Nutrition Coaching

Individualized or Class Based Nutrition Coaching

I help others to have a positive relationship with food while living a healthy lifestyle. We will work together to build and execute a plan surrounding your nutrition that is consistent with your needs & goals and fits into your life the way you want it. I love helping others find a way to make "healthy" taste good.

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The Empowerment Program

Customized Workouts on Your Own

The Empowerment Program helps you take your health into your own hands. This plan is perfect for self-motivated individuals who need the flexibility of doing a program on their own time while still needing guidance in their workout routines. By learning about you, I can put together a customized workout program for you to do on your own!

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Customized Personal Training

Virtual and In-Person Personal Training

Personal Training is perfect for anyone who loves a little extra motivation and wants step-by-step guidance through a customized plan that is created specifically for you based on your information and input. I am here to help you make real sustainable changes to your fitness routine!

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10 Nutrition & Movement Tips to Easily Improve your Health

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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results


Working with Chloe has been life changing to say the least. Before I started working with her, I had mobility issues and debilitating joint/muscle pain. After only a few weeks, I was moving with more dexterity and without pain- and every week I've continued to get stronger! Chloe is extremely knowledgable about her craft and she has a sincere passion for health and fitness. She truly invests time and creativity so that our weekly workouts always vary and I'm never bored. Chloe really cares about my goals, she checks in even on the days we don't workout and makes sure to make time for warming up and stretching so that I'm always at my best. Chloe is really in it to win it with me and I am so thankful to have her in my corner!

Marlana J.


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